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Wednesday May 17, 2023

Ep. 1634: Angela doesn’t want to buy a WOKE bikini from a man…man!  Cash for water in AZ? Jeff & Olivia tour Purina. +Hobbs vetoes gun bill.
Jeff’s Top News Picks (4:00-20:00)
North Carolina Republicans uphold abortion bill despite Dem governor's veto.
Pronoun ban bill to Hobbs. 
U.S. Supreme Court Turns Down Emergency Appeal To Block Illinois Gun Control Law.
Flagstaff City Council approves zoning change to allow new hospital complex. 
Hobbs vetoes guns on campus bill. 
Veterans Stand Down info! (20:00-24:00)
Feds negotiating a cash deal with AZ, NV and CA to cut water usage. (24:00-33:00)
Angela doesn’t want to buy a swimsuit modeled by a man…man! (33:00-40:00) + Miller Lite goes woke along with Adidas and Jeff breaks it down, most men like beer and women…pretty easy marketing campaign! + wienermobile new name?
Olivia shares a turtle, tortoise tragedy (44:00-55:00) and AZ Game and Fish is trying to find homes for desert tortoises. 
Camping in Phoenix? (55:00-67:00) Angela shares some strange “best” places!
Olivia shares some listener comments (67:00-83:00) including vacation rentals with too many people, a movie suggestion and something on “fury’s”. 

Tuesday May 16, 2023

Ep. 1633: John Davison Veterans Stand Down. Bob Thorpe on Durham Report, budget carrot and stick, crime in big cities.
Jeff and Bob Thorpe start off with Top News Picks including…
Durham report shows no Russia collusion
Maricopa Cty. spends $4.9 million  for “Refugee Relocation Program”
Schools prepare kids for A.I. job loss
Flagstaff mountain biker dies.
John Davison shares info on this Thursdays Veterans Stand Down and the the services being offered free of charge.
Jeff and Bob also hit on…
Trans Sports Illustrated cover.
Watch where you live, you may get arrested for defending yourself or others.
Unemployment for illegals?
The budget carrot and stick.
Kari Lake and Abe Hamadeh trials.

Monday May 15, 2023

Ep. 1632: #1 “threat” according to Biden?  Jeff’s review of Cleopatra! Leftest solution…fix crime by blaming victims!
Monday, May 15, 2023
Jeff and Angela spend the hour breaking down todays biggest news picks including:
Biden says “white supremacy” biggest threat to America
Cancellation of wedding party reservations for “migrants”
McNugget woes!
California budget deficit expands
Arizona budget signed by Hobbs
Oravits family plays Noahs Ark Card Game and review
Jeffs dishwasher sucks and so many things cost more and are of less quality
Will electrification promises be like the gas can and light bulb?
Vehicular crime wave blamed on manufacturers, not criminals and politicians weak stance on crime
Jeff and Angela saw Nefarious and give it a good review.
Jeff could not get through opening scene of Cleopatra on Netflix
+ Jeff and Angela share listener comments!

Friday May 12, 2023

Ep. 1631: Restraining orders, CNNs view of CITY FOLK vs. “rural” farmers + “cable news” and generational gaps
Let’s bring back comedy in America + title 42 chaos, Humboldt residents speak up, Arizona budget passes, Jeff recaps the good and the bad. 
(24:00) Generational divide? Why Jeff and Angela don’t watch “CABLE NEWS”. 
(34:00) Packs of terrorizing mountain lions “rampaging” guinea pigs and sharknado’s!
(45:00) Do the city folk at CNN really think we’re a bunch of “rural” hicks? Jeff and Angela highlight a CNN segment about 4 day school weeks and rural areas. Disconnected much? The NY elite think if you’re rural, you got a farm!
(53:00) What moms really want for Mothers Day. Angela gives details plus shares Mothers Day history. Jeff gives some gift ideas.
(73:00) Jeff and Angela’s movie night with Steve Deace and Nefarious. 

Thursday May 11, 2023

Ep.1630: Senator Rogers discusses restraining order. Mark Haughwout to Israel. Jeff’s public school thoughts. 
Thursday, May 11, 2023
(0:00-24:00) PAY ATTENTION to your local school boards!  If not, get your kids outta public schools ASAP! + Jeff doesn’t watch CNN or FOX and can’t believe anyone still does!
(24:00-40:00) Senator Wendy Rogers discusses a judges decision to rescind a restraining order and also shares some info on Arizona’s recently passed budget. 
(44:00-67:00) Everyone should have SKIN IN THE GAME when it comes to taxes! Mark Haughwout is frustrated by a gun painted bright colors. 
(68:00- Jeff’s tired of really old politicians that should move aside. 
Mark Discussed Indian Bible's a link.

Wednesday May 10, 2023

Ep. 1629: Flagstaff 1st talks carbon neutrality costs. Zach Ellman warns of fiscal cliff and parties failing Americans!
Jeff takes a comment from Richard in the Prescott area (4:00) who’s concerned with one of the finalists position on transgenders for superintendent for Humboldt Unified School District’s.
Sarica Cernohous and Tom Pearson of Flagstaff First (25:00) discuss their groups push to change direction at Flagstaff City Hall especially with regard to their Carbon Neutrality plan that may cost big dollars for residents. 
CEO of JustWireless, Zach Ellman, is frustrated with both political parties (44:00) and warns of an impending financial cliff. + Olivia shares a listener comment and a mountain lion warning. 

Tuesday May 09, 2023

Ep.1628: NEFARIOUS with Steve Deace. GOP/DEM love $pending! Killing the dishwasher! Jeff Hawkins with DPS. 
Tuesday, May 9, 2023
NEFARIOUS preview and the hope of more faith based movies that aren’t woke! (0:00-4:00)
Jeff and Angela break down the 2nd largest budget in ARIZONA HISTORY! (4:00-18:00)
Will Jeff’s “Field of Dreams” produce corn, aliens, or baseball? (20:00-24:00)
“FREE” money coming your way thanks to Arizona Republicans and Democrats! (27:00-38:00). Breaking down the proposed $17.8 BILLION state budget and reflecting on how fiscally conservative people like Jeff and Angela can never seem to get the big government spenders to stop. 
Steve Deace joins Jeff and Angela to talk about his new movie Nefarious (44:00) which is now playing in Flagstaff and Prescott. Jeff and Steve hope Nefarious success gives people like us more un-woke movies we want to see. 
Jeff Hawkins, President of the AZ Troopers Association (66:00) discusses the shortage of officers statewide, the challenges of getting them to move to rural areas and the dire state of DPS radios and more!

Monday May 08, 2023

Ep.1627: Trailhead robberies, Title 42 surge?, Bernies crazy plan, ATC warning!
Jeff and Angela tackle Title 42 ending this week and Hobbs “5 prong” plan...oh boy! Plus....
Crime up at Flagstaff trailheads
Not everything needs to be political, especially your neighborhood app. 
A little late! WHO finally says pandemic over.
Nation short 3,000 air traffic controllers. 
Basic math breaks down. AZ AG blames school vouchers for budget woes. 
Buy a junker! Are new cars really the American Dream if they cost you $700 per month for an entry level vehicle?
PLUS the spending, breadlines, homeless camps and more. 
+ comments from Gregg, Wanda, Laura and Peter. 

Friday May 05, 2023

Ep. 1626: Weekly roundup with Legislative update, pollution rankings, and beer woes!
Friday, May 5, 2023 
Angela Oravits joins Jeff for the Weekly Roundup featuring Rep. David Marshall and Flagstaff City Council-member Lori Matthews. 

Thursday May 04, 2023

Ep. 1625: Rep. David Marshall discusses “Bible Gate”. Best places to live? The Navy did what? + Giveaway winner!
Thursday, May 4, 2023
AZ Representative David Marshal discusses “Bible Gate”, “Queen” of the veto Katie Hobbs, the budget deadlock and National Prayer Day. (0:00-28:00)
Jeff and Angela discuss the Fed’s budget being on auto pilot and how our elected’s have less and less of a say on the budget. Jeff discusses the ongoing banking crisis. (28:00-43:00)
Recycling update (44:00) + an update on the dude who won a woman’s bike race (what a loser!) AZ ranks high for jobs but not desirability to live. What? Jeff questions how New Jersey ranks higher! The craziness continues with the US Navy hiring active-duty drag queen to be face of recruitment drive. + Paramedic shortages and more!

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