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Friday Jun 10, 2022

#1396: Thursday, June 9, 2022 Walt Blackman discusses the CD2 race. Mark Haughwout talks traveling to Israel. Representative Walt Blackman 0:00-43:24 gives an in-depth interview and talks about his candidacy for CD2 Mark Haughwout on traveling to Israel 43:25-63:26 Jeff and Olivia respond to Listner comments 63:27-74:02

Friday Jun 10, 2022

Flagstaff Mayoral Candidate Pastor Daniel Williamson + Jeff and Olivia give an update from the road.   Jeff and Olivia answer travel questions including biggest surprises on the road. 0:00-13:11   Pastor Daniel Williamson discusses small City partisan politics, a hand up vs a hand out. 13:12-58:54   A real estate update from Kelly Broaddus 58:55-74:12

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

Bruce Sidlinger on price controls. Jeff replays his viral Blake Masters interview.  Bruce Sidlinger (0:00-43:26) talks about the government changing the rules when it suits them, an America that’s devouring itself economically and socially, free housing, price controls that lead to shortages plus the long decline of Rome. Plus wealth taxes and the loss of rule of law.  A replay of Jeffs Blake Masters interview that went viral nationally (43:27-63:27) A travel update with Olivia (63:28-73:14)

Tuesday Jun 07, 2022

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Karrin Taylor Robson   Karrin Taylor Robson (0:00-43:20) discusses her background and bid to be Arizona’s next governor.  Jeff and Olivia give a travel update from the road (43:21-57:41) An interview extra with Jon Riches from the Goldwater Institute (57:42-74:13)

Thursday Jun 02, 2022

Bruce Sidlinger talks E15 gas destroying his boat (0:00-9:12) and an engine near you! Jeff naturally goes on a government messed up the gas can rant.   Jeff talks with US Senate Candidate retired Major General Mick McGuire (9:13-64:23).   Rob Wilson of timberline firearms and training gives some advice on safes and fires(64:24-74:12)

Wednesday Jun 01, 2022

AG Brnovich on discusses his Senate run. (0:00-24:25)   Mark Haughwout talks travel to Israel. (24:26-43:20)   Jon Riches of Goldwater Institute discusses a case against the City of Phoenix (43:21-61:44) and a sweetheart property tax deal that they argued violates Arizona’s gift clause.    Kelly Broaddus gives a real estate market update (61:45-74:08) and a lawsuit that may impact HOAs.

Tuesday May 31, 2022

#1389: Congressional candidate Eli Crane + Jeff and Olivia talk travel experiences.    Jeff and Olivia preview their week of travel 0:00-13:39 and discuss some past experiences.   Jeff has a conversation with veteran, business owner and Congressional Candidate Eli Crane (13:40-61:23).   An interview extra on US energy policy (61:24-74:07) with Larry Behrens.

Thursday May 26, 2022

Things to come?  Can’t afford a home, why not just take one? (0:00-16:41) A socialist is proposing those who don’t have a home, just go take one. Plus, sirens in Flagstaff and maybe a good monsoon season.   Jeff gives a preview of next weeks big interview schedule (16:42-21:52).    Glenn Leest gives a market update (21:53-43:21)   Has the market cooled? Kelly Broaddus gives a real-estate update including (43:22-61:59) the current median price of homes. Kelly also fills us in on a recent AZ Supreme Court ruling that may impact property owners.     Jeff draws this weeks Nimarcos Pizza giveaway (62:00-74:10) and discusses some recent arrests of students in NAZ suspected of making threats. 

Wednesday May 25, 2022

#1385: Zach Ellman wants a better functioning country! Mark Haughwout discusses the ills of socialism and a politicians dream of “free” housing!    Jeff talks about Rubin Gallego’s Ted Cruz tweet (0:00-15:26) plus another sign of the times, a huge fentanyl bust in AZ.   Zach Ellman of Just Wireless talks supply chain disruptions in the communication industry (15:27-43:22) and how do we get a better functioning country and why he’s bolting up the hatches!   Mark Haughwout talks new home construction decline (43:23-74:07) and Jeff brings up a Washington politician that wants to give away peoples homes. Socialism is awesome…until you run out of other peoples stuff! Mark talks about couch surfing.

Tuesday May 24, 2022

Jeff gives details on stage 2 fire restrictions going into effect Thursday (0:00-15:10) throughout Northern Arizona including all 5 national forests, Prescott, Prescott Valley, Flagstaff, Coconino and Navajo Counties.  New home sales plummet but what’s it mean for the price of housing? + Fed not doing enough to reverse high inflation.    Attorney General Mark Brnovich talks title 42 (15:11-30:26) and Biden pushes  unchecked illegal  immigration.   Bruce Sidlinger talks about the shooting in Texas (30:27-43:18). Jeff and Bruce also discuss a helicopter to stop fires locally.    Dave Ledbetter of Nimarcos Pizza talks about labor shortages and updates us on supply chain challenges (43:18-65:21)   Olivia shares some listener comments (65:22-74:02) including a sugestion on Flagstaffs carbon recapture plan.  

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