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Jeff‘s daily two hour show tackles the biggest issues of the day. His common sense approach focuses on individual freedom, economic sanity & personal responsibility. Tune in daily and hear solutions that can steer America away from its trend of conformism, perceived ”safety”, out of control government spending, debt and loss the of individual liberties. With over a 1,000 shows listeners hear from thousands of guests from locals sharing their stories to national and international guests like Donald Trump Jr., Senator Rand Paul, Herschel Walker, Congressman Andy Biggs, Jim Rogers, George Gammon among many, many others. If you‘re looking for solutions that promote self reliance and independence, while drilling down into current issues with facts, serious edge, but mixed in with just enough humor and fun, the Jeff Oravits Show Podcast may just be what you‘re looking for! Tune in Monday-Friday from 4:06PM-5:40PM AZ Time (a topic in itself) and Sundays from 9AM-10AM on 97.1FM the Big Talker & catch the stream at & please SUBSCRIBE to the Jeff Oravits Show Podcast today!

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Monday Jul 18, 2022

Jeff’s News Picks include rents up fastest pace since 86’ (0:00-17:46) stopping bad people with a gun and more!   Ryan Girdusky of National Populist Newsletter on Substack talks the “The Long Shots” (17:47-36:59) in the US Senate and House races and also gives his insights on the AZ CD2 race and governors race.    Jeff and Olivia talk schools that are still pushing crazy Covid protocols (37:00-43:39) including FUSD.   Representaitve Shawnna Bolick explains why she wants to get sued (43:40-63:23) as Secretary of State. Jeff and Shawna also talk education, and election integrity.  + Flash floods and giveaways!   AZ Communications Director Ben Petersen talks the state of the race in Arizona 63:24-74:29 including CD2 and more.

Thursday Jul 14, 2022

#1421: Inflation talk with Glenn Leest + AZ Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake + Senator Wendy Rogers on Saturdays Trump rally in Prescott Valley.

Wednesday Jul 13, 2022

#1420: Congressman Biggs wants to “de-woke” our military. Bob Thorpe weighs in on Rogers-Townsend race. Jeff talks 9.1% inflation. #1420: Wednesday, July 13, 2022 9.1% inflation! (0:00-16:47) Jeff breaks down the numbers, how we got here and where its going.  Fauci admits we were right, wonder if he’ll get silenced? (16:48-28:43) Former Representative Bob Thorpe talks AZ election and initiatives (28:44-43:14) Congressman Andy Biggs wants to “de-woke” the military (43:15-60:30) plus breakfast tacos, inflation and this Saturdays Trump Rally in Prescott Valley. Bob Thorpe chimes in on Arizona CD2 race and LD7 race Rogers vs. Townsend (60:31-74:14)  

Tuesday Jul 12, 2022

Liz Harrington on “what keeps President Trump up at night”. Bruce Sidlinger on the Greater Reset + WHO says what?#1419: Tuesday, July 12, 2022   Lawless in BIG blue cities in America where if you defend yourself you go to jail (0:00-14:42), Jeff talks about NYC clerk arrested for defending himself. Plus, Federal judge temporarily halts AZ personhood law, evictions back to pre-covid hysterics level and teachers unions want to railroad school choice.   No more “FREE” lunch in AZ? (14:43-24:45) plus Americas richest counties and AZ’s most expensive real estate.    President Trumps Spokesperson Liz Harrington on who’s running the show in DC? (43:19-57:40) Liz talks about Jill Biden’s taco comments, the economy, Ukraine and what keeps President Trump up at night. Plus, there’s a Trump rally in Prescott Valley this Saturday with Donald Trump, Kari Lake and other AZ Candidates.    WHO says gender 'exists on a continuum' and is 'beyond non-binary' 57:41-74:09. Jeff barely understands anymore and wonders if we have a “Mist” like tear to another dimension…Jeff talks more about inflation and the deterioration of your purchasing power. 

Monday Jul 11, 2022

#1418: Senator Wendy Rogers on why she’s supporting Kari Lake.Senate candidate Jim Lamon talks $2.00 gas!#1418: Monday, July 11, 2022 Gas down but everything up…forever? (0:00-15:19) Jeff’s News Picks include gas prices, deck inflation, teaching without a degree and high speed chases.    Senator Wendy Rogers chimes in on Arizona’s Governors race and why she supports Kari Lake (15:20-43:21)  Senator Rogers also chimes in on the border, the DOJ case against voter ID laws, abortion, education and more.   Senate candidate Jim Lamon talks $2.00 gas! (43:22-60:44) paying down the national debt and how to bring gas prices down.   Jeff and Olivia answer listener comments on the border (60:45-74:10) and talk movie going and non woke choices. Plus, will the great sequoias burn?

Friday Jul 08, 2022

#1417: Jeff endorses Shiry Sapir for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction. Jeff talks with Stephen krystofiak about water in Arizona.#1417: Friday, July 8, 2022   Abortion legalization doesn’t make ballot in AZ but 0:00-15:18 Jeff gives details on three others that appear to have gotten enough signatures.    Jeff endorses Shiry Sapir for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. 15:19-31:33 Shiry returns to the show and talks about education freedom, fixing our schools and protecting our kids from the woke mob!     “We don’t need to fund the system, we need to fund the student!” Shapir   Jeff talks more about education 31:34-43:07   Stephen krystofiak talks Arizona water issues 43:08-64:35 and what it’s like being a farmer in AZ. Jeff and Stephen also discuss this idea of piping water from the Mississippi River.  Stephen krystofiak is a candidate for the Republican nomination for CD2.   Jeff wraps up a busy week with election updates 64:36-73:58 and more.

Thursday Jul 07, 2022

1416: Senator Kelly Townsend gives an update. ESAs signed into law making AZ leader in education freedom. Jeff compares AZ Gov. Candidates on the border.   Mothers are now “birthing parents” according to a proposal by the National Education Association 0:00-12:40 but luckily in Arizona Governor Ducey just singed the expansion of the ESA program making Arizona a leader in education freedom.    Jeff compares the four Republican candidates for governor on their stance on the border 12:41-34:37.   Are masks coming back? 34:38-43:24. Debra shares an experience at a Flagstaff grocery store.    Senator Kelly Townsend is happy Governor Ducey signed the expansion of the ESA Program 43:25-64:12 plus she talks about the bloated Arizona budget, the race for re-election in LD7 and more.   A listener asks about Kari Lake and Obama 64:13-74:10 and Jeff, while not picking a Candiate in the Republican Primary, points out that people do change over time and points to Trump. Jeff also chimes in on the DOJ vs. AZ.

Wednesday Jul 06, 2022

#1415: Mark Haughwout back from Israel shares his perspective. Olivia takes listener calls. Jeff calls for massive cuts to government, corporations and entitlements!   Jeff’s News Picks including DOJ suing AZ over election ID law 0:00-16:38 + Yavapai County Recorder quits, United Airlines ending FLG to Denver flights despite 90% full (labor shortage!)   A platform that won’t get you elected. Jeff’s not running for president…but calls for massive cuts to the Federal budget, ending handouts, bailouts and slashing spending.   Mark Haughwout is back from Israel and shares his perspective 16:39-73:40 including election integrity, SCOTUS decision, term limits and more.  Plus Jeff, Mark and Olivia take listener calls. 

Tuesday Jul 05, 2022

#1414: CD2 Candidate and Mayor of Williams John MooreShow #1414, Tuesday, July 5th, 2022   CD2 Candiate Mayor John Moore talks election integrity, forest health, energy issues, inflation, Russia/Ukraine, recent SCOTUS decisions and more.

Thursday Jun 30, 2022

SCOTUS wrong on stay in Mexico, right on EPA + Who’s Halsey + Matt Salmon + Glenn Leest on tough market and inflation.#1411: Thursday, June 30, 2022   SCOTUS rules on EPA powers, AOC is clueless, 0:00-17:38 AG Brnovich says abortion illegal in AZ, states with higher gun ownership do not correlate to more gun murders (we knew that) and some home prices going down!   A market update with Glenn Leest talking about the markets worst half year in 5 years 17:39-35:48 plus Glenn talks about another high CPI report, interest rates possibly heading up another 3/4% and more.    Jeff’s never heard of Halsey 35:49-43:24  who goes by she/they and had some in her recent Arizona concert leave while she voiced her views on abortion and frustration over SCOTUS. Jeff says there’s a real market for companies to cater to conservative values as he continues to divest from crazy!   Jeff talks with Matt Salmon 43:25-63:41 about why he dropped out of the AZ Governors race and why he’s supporting Karrin Taylor Robson. Plus Jeff cites the 10th Amendment and how SCOTUS got it right.   SCOTUS gets stay in Mexico wrong but Jeff’s not burning anything down over it 63:42-74:08 and Jeff reads a great comment from Nancy.

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