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5 hours ago

Rodney Glassman discusses his candidacy for AZ AG. Glenn Leest gives a market update. + Men can’t get pregnant! PERIOD!    Men can’t get pregnant! (0:00-14:18). Can’t we at least agree on this? Plus, Jeff talks about a Veterans stand down in Flagstaff on Friday, Ducey praises himself for his handling of education during covid and NOAA says its really dry out there!   Rodney Glassman is running for Arizona Attorney General (14:19-43:20) and spends time talking with Jeff about how the AG is supposed to protect people from the government. Jeff and Rodney also talk about the border, police, individual freedoms and more.    Glenn Leest talks about how bad inflation is (43:21-61:15) and its impacts on markets, companies and individuals. Jeff and Glenn also get into work ethic and disincentives to work. Plus, how do you pull away “free” stuff and avoid massive civil unrest?    Jeff and Olivia share some news items and comments (61:16-74:05) plus Jeff thanks the Arizona Patriot Guard Riders!

2 days ago

#1380: Representative Joseph Chaplik gives a legislative update, when will this session end? + Jeff discusses a new Wendy Rogers controversy. Sue Thew talks about the need to donate blood.   Jeff starts with his news picks including a new Wendy Rogers controversy (0:00-15:59) and Jeff talks about the gas price disaster and is $10.00 gas coming?   Continuing with Jeff’s News Picks including a pro abortionist group pushing to amend Arizona’s Constitution (16:00-27:38) to allow abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Also, high school protestors in Flagstaff want abortion because it “isn’t just a women’s issue, it applies to anyone who can get pregnant.” Plus, property taxes going up, Jeff gives the details.    Jeff talks with Sue Thew of about the need for blood donors in Arizona (27:39-41:00) especially over the Memorial Day Weekend. You can donate blood this Thursday from 11am to 4pm at Little Dealer, Little Prices, on Hwy 69 in Prescott Valley. Set up a time to donate by going to... Click on donate now  Search Prescott  Schedule a time  You can also just show up but scheduling a time gets you through much quicker.    Jeff also gives an update on a bill from Representative Andy Biggs (41:01-43:26) to eliminate the “death tax”    Representative Joseph Chaplik gives a legislative update (43:27-74:15) including the status of election integrity bills, school choice as well as some surprising stats on how much money public schools have received this past year. Chaplik also discusses the state of the budget and a legislative session that’s gone on way too long with no end in sight. 

4 days ago

Becky Daggett discusses Flagstaff mayoral campaign. Jim Lamon on why he’d vote no on Ukraine spending.   #1378: Monday, May 16, 2022    Jeff discusses some of his news picks of the day (0:00-25:46) including abortion protests in Phoenix and $40 billion to Ukraine.   Becky Daggett talks about her bid to be Flagstaff’s next mayor (25:45-59:24) including housing and forest fires.   Jim Lamon discusses why he would not vote for the $40 billion Ukraine spending (59:25-74:00) as well as his experience running businesses in the energy sector. 

Thursday May 12, 2022

AZ Gubernatorial Candiate Scott Neely + Olivia and Jeff discuss an ATM theft (and toilet paper) and Jeff breaks down AZ inflation data.#1376: Thursday, May 12, 2022   Scott Neely is a candidate for governor of Arizona (0:00-43:20) and shares his frustration with the border crisis and lack of action by the Biden and Ducey administrations. Scott also discusses AZ water needs as well as building a desalination plant in Yuma (not Mexico as Ducey has proposed). Other topics discussed: housing costs, labor shortages, higher education vs. trade schools, “resetting” k-12, thinning our forests and many other issues.    Olivia shares some AZ theft stories (43:21-57:45) including an ATM and toilet paper. Olivia shares info on a play she’s in. Plus, “social equity” pot licenses (huh?).    Jeff finishes off the show with AZ inflation data (57:46-74:12) including car prices and more. Plus wholesale prices jump higher than expected.

Wednesday May 11, 2022

#1375: Inflation up AGAIN! Amy Carney breaks down public school covid spending including disease investigators. Olivia and Jeff with some AZ news updates.#1375: Wednesday, May 11, 2022 Inflation way up again but don’t worry, the politicians are working on a fix (0:00-14:00). Jeff breaks down the inflation numbers including details on food, housing and vehicles.   Amy Carney explains where some of the $190 billion went (14:01-32:11) in ESSER funds.  FUSD has received over $21 million and have very little left. What’d they buy? Amy gives some details. Amy discusses Panorama and how FUSD has bought into this social and emotional learning (info at) Amy Carney Deputy Director of Building Education for Students Together   Jeff and Olivia ponder  why a disease investigator would be needed (32:12-43:20) in a public school and who’s gonna pay for it. Nancy chimes in on requesting a party ballot if you’re an independent. Apple dethroned by the Saudi Princes!   Jeff and Olivia give some news updates (43:21-74:03) including an execution in AZ, Flagstaff welding students go to national competition, more on inflation and baby formula shortages. Plus Ted chimes in on the First Amendment. 

Tuesday May 10, 2022

#1374: Bruce Sidlinger on why he thinks “the depression can’t come soon enough” + crime exploding and why debt forgiveness is gaining support.   Jeff’s discusses his top news picks of the day (0:00-14:16) including local, state, national and international happenings: HB2652, a new law tracking catalytic converters, Noel Campbell drops out of LD1 Senate race, another red flag warning and FUSD to open new preschools despite recent dire financial warning from Auditor General.   Bruce Sidlinger (14:17-74:00) discusses why he thinks “the depression can’t come soon enough” but warns this isn’t the “polite” society of the 1930’s. Bruce also discusses a culture of debt forgiveness and why contracts no longer mean anything. Gas is at record highs, what’s it mean for you? Jeff and Bruce discuss a new report with data showing housing prices largest increase in US right here in Arizona. Plus, Bill Gates has a new plan to spy on everyone, Bruce explains. 

Monday May 09, 2022

#1373: Jeff talks with AZ Gubernatorial Candiate Kari Lake and CD2 Candidate Steven Krystofiak   Jeff’s discusses his top news picks of the day (0:00-15:59) including local, state, national and international happenings.  Arizona Supreme Court has rejected a push to kick Congresman Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar off the Ballot as well as state Rep. Mark Finchem for allegations of their alleged roles in the January 6th events. The plaintiffs cited a clause of the Constitution enacted during the Civil War known as the “disqualification clause.” The AZSC ruled the same way the Maricopa County Superior Court did in an earlier ruling.’ DOW falls more than 600 points.  Jeff gives a quick market update and some analysis.    AZ gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake returns to the show (16:00-43:12) discussing forest health, inflation, the economy, Arizona as the place to set up a business and more.   Candidate for CD2 Steven Krystofiak (43:13-74:02) discusses why he’s running for Congress including his concerns about forest fires, the inflation problem, the economy and debt plus his thoughts on the Federal Reserve, supply chain issues, housing and more.

Thursday May 05, 2022

#1371: Glenn Leest discusses productivity at lowest since 1947. Senate candidate Jim Lamon discusses Roe V. Wade, SCOTUS, economy and debt. #1371: Thursday, May 5, 2022   Glenn Leest gives a market update and discusses the economy (0:00-43:20) as well as many other topics including: Why can’t he vote in Flagstaff, his address says Flagstaff Chickens and goats Inflation and higher interest rates Local vs. DC politics and more!   Senate candidate Jim Lamon weighs in on leaked SCOTUS abortion decision (43:21-63:46). Jeff asks Jim if this mess (debt, border, inflation etc) is even fixable at this point. Jim discusses inflation, running a business, balancing budgets and more!   Jeff gives away some Flagstaff Friends of the NRA tickets (63:47-73:05) plus talks about a $400 million AZ highway expansion.

Wednesday May 04, 2022

#1370: Mayor of Flagstaff Paul Deasy on forest health + AZ Superintendent candidate Shiry Sapir + Olivia and the Money Tree! Mayor Paul Deasy discusses fire restrictions (0:00-33:22) and what needs to happen to protect our communities from wildfires including stage 1 fire restrictions year round. Should we start a volunteer fire group to help during wildfires? What’s happening when it comes to forest thinning? What about flooding issues? Jeff and Paul also discuss the housing crisis in Arizona and what some possible solutions may be…and what some of the problems are now.    Fed raises interest rates 1/2 point (33:23-43:28), to fight inflation, so they claim. Jeff discusses why this will have little impact on inflation and what it means to personal debt and the national debt.   Protecting our kids from leftism in the government schools with Shiry Sapir (43:29-63:11), candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction of Arizona.    Olivia and the The Valley of the Money Trees (63:12-74:17) and politicians that think money is free. Plus, listeners chime in.

Tuesday May 03, 2022

#1367: Mark Haughwout joins Jeff to discuss Roe v Wade SCOTUS leak  + more shortages and listeners call in! Tuesday, May 3, 2022 Mark Haughwout and Jeff discuss the SCOTUS Roe v Wade leak, its impacts if it holds, how it’ll impact Arizona plus listeners chime in.  Jeff and Mark answer a listener question on alternative building materials. Ted from Chino Valley is concerned for our future and Olivia shares this weeks giveaway.  

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