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8 hours ago

Jeff's Top News Picks include Hobbs executive order on hair and her "transracial" guest.
President Trumps former Principal Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley discusses possible arrest of Trump and the NY DA behind it.
Jeff shares some weather related rescue, info on fractional banking and more!

7 days ago

Ep. 1589: Tuesday, March 14, 2023
DEI ban in AZ? Why affordable housing will never happen. Jeff not surprised by banking crisis, keep pushing problem forward and each time it get's bigger! 
+ interview extra with Bruce Sidlinger on drones
+ energy expert Larry Behrens 

Monday Mar 13, 2023

From Camp Verde, Jeff's Top News Picks include...
Ep. 1588: Banking woes, flooding waters and education hotlines.

Friday Mar 10, 2023

Ep. 1587: Angela tries to explain “furry” while highlighting crazy in our schools. Jeff breaks down Biden’s crazy $6.9 trillion budget. 
    Ep. 1587: Friday, March 10, 2023
Angela joins Jeff for the hour to define “furry” and shed light on some new crazy happenings in our schools. + CRT ban gets vetoed by Hobbs. Jeff breaks down Biden’s crazy $6.9 trillion out of control budget that just mirrors the crazy out of control budgets in local and state governments. + An update on the Mexico kidnappings and murders this week.  

Thursday Mar 09, 2023

Ep. 1586: Thursday, March 9, 2023
Marc Lotter, Feds spending $197,000 per second. Mark Haughwout, do we need an EPA? Bob Thorpe, AZ budget ballooning!
Marc Lotter, Feds spending $197,000 per second. (2:00) Former Trump advisor Marc Lotter joins us to discuss the Biden budget and infrastructure woes in America. 
Jeff and Mark debate the need for and the size of the EPA (20:00) and other federal bureaucracies. Mark has a gripe with the US Post Office and Jeff asks why do we even have mail anymore. + Is Mark to blame for the standard charging ports for EVs you don’t own in Flagstaff. And Bob Thorpe discusses the AZ state budget ballooning. 
Marks frustration with sports in America today (40:00) and his wife beating a man who entered as a “non binary” but losing to him because he was a “non binary”. 
Jeff’s Top News Picks (45:00) include bill breaking up Maricopa County failing, Jeff proposes Senators by county, bobcat enters through dog door, Jill Biden gives 1 of 11 women’s award to transgender man + how did Arizonas Congressional delegation vote on proposal to remove US troops from Syria? 

Wednesday Mar 08, 2023

Ep. 1585: Thorpe and Haughwout share details of Flagstaffs abortion resolution + weigh in on January 6th videos and Mexico kidnappings.
    Ep. 1585: Wednesday, March 8, 2023 
Bob Thorpe and Mark Haughwout join Jeff to break down the Flagstaff City Councils resolution in support of late term abortions. (0:00-43:00) Bob and Mark both attended the Council meeting and spoke in opposition to the resolution. They break down the push by the council for law enforcement to divert resources on the issue and point out the possibility of violating state law. Bob and Mark also share some of the more absurd comments from supporters of the resolution. + People in positions of power self identifying as a cat also comes up during the first hour. 
Bob, Mark and Jeff discuss Tucker Carlsons January 6th videos (45:00-74:00) and America’s border crisis, travel in Mexico and the risk of kidnapping.

Tuesday Mar 07, 2023

Ep. 1584: Covid Remembrance Day (serious!) + getting public records with Parker Jackson of Goldwater + “pregnant persons” and Jeff’s Top News Picks. 
    Ep. 1584: Tuesday, March 7, 2023
Starting with Jeff’s Top News Picks (3:00) include rancher charged with murder pleads not guilty, Fed says interest rates may get higher + updates on NAZ snowfall totals and CA gets 42 feet of snow. Jeff also discusses Flagstaff city council failing to plow some roads while debating abortion resolution. 
Bill banning critical race theory, CRT, (24:00) passes the Arizona Legislature heading for Governor Hobbs desk and destined for a veto. Plus an update on four Americans kidnapped in Mexico. 
Olivia shares a suggestion from Joe (34:00) on ways to prevent forest fires in NAZ.
Parker Jackson of discusses a lawsuit against Phoenix (44:00) over contract negotiations done between the City of Phoenix and the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association and the city’s refusal to turn over records from the negotiations. Interested in keeping an eye on your government and trying to get public records? GoldWater has resources at     
Hobbs declares March 6th Covid Remembrance Day and Jeff remembers all the stupid things government forced (65:00) on billions of people, generally making life miserable and in the end having little to no impact. 

Monday Mar 06, 2023

Ep. 1583: Kidnapped in Mexico, unemployment in AZ, blogger license in FL, creepy Ford patent + media parroting bad info.
     Ep. 1583: Monday, March 6, 2023
Jeff spends the first hour going over his Top News Picks including citizens kidnapped in Mexico, Grand Falls closed, crime up in AZ? and more!
Olivia and Jeff talks about a creepy Ford patent that could automatically reposess your vehicle and other nifty Orwellian features. 
Plus, an “insane” register to blog bill in Florida whose author clearly hasn’t read the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution!
Finally, Jeff shares a local example of media parroting sketchy information, this time storm totals and “record” snow info.

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

Ep. 1581: Rob Wilson dispels Biden’s gun min-info + Angela frustrated with “pregnant persons” + AZ hospital financial woes due to illegals. 
Ep. 1581: Thursday, March 2, 2023
10th or 11th snowiest winter in Flagstaff, not 2nd! Jeff discusses the latest snowfall data. 
Biden wants your AR15 and “high capacity” magazine “come hell or high water”. His words at last nights Democrat event. Rob Wilson breaks down the data that shows the push by the left of AR15 and other similar firearms is not based on facts. 
Jeff, Angela and Olivia discuss living in a snowy place, a dumb article about people moving because of climate change, Angelas frustration over the term “pregnant persons” and more.

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

Ep. 1580: Councilmember Lori Matthews discusses colleagues push for “no limit” abortion resolution.  Glenn Leest gives a market update.
    Ep. 1580: Wed, March 1, 2023
2:00 Glenn Leest of WT Wealth Managment gives a market update and talks inflation, employment numbers and consumers cutting back.
23:00 Jeff and Olivia share Jeff’s Top News Picks plus pick February’s big winner!
44:00 Flagstaff City Councilmember Lori Matthews discusses her colleagues push to support an abortion resolution that supports late term abortions for “pregnant persons”. Matthews also discusses huge fee increases for stormwater, affordable housing.
74:00 Podcast EXTRA with Lori Matthews discusses the downside for the push to electrify the city of Flagstaff. Plus, the “Big Shift” is coming when it comes to traffic. 

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