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Chaplik, Becher, Kistler: Mask Freedom Bill, 1619 Project

Chaplik, Becher, Kistler: Mask Freedom Bill, 1619 Project

February 25, 2021

00:00-16:26 Mask Freedom Bill

Representative Joseph Chaplik discusses H.B. 2770, the “Mask Freedom Bill”

  • What’s in the bill?
  • Where’s it at?
  • Odds of passing?

Also discuss H.B. 2838, an Arizona tax relief bill. Will it make it through the process in order to provide much needed tax relief, especially for struggling businesses?


16:27-44:26 Schools opening but what are they teaching?

Jane Becher gives a huge education update including:

  • Outcomes of recent board meetings to open schools
  • Are they teaching the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory and more!
  • Plus Jeff and Jane discuss the “21 Day Anti-Racism Challenge”!


44:27-67:48 John Kistler: 2nd Amendment, Parking 

John Kistler returns to the show to give updates on:

  • parking meters
  • education and 1619 project 
  • economic idiocy 
  • 2nd amendment under assault, which bills to watch 
  • the NRA reorganizes
  • protects AZ gun rights 
  • A license for ammunition?
  • Some good bills in Arizona!


Plus, $5 gas by summer? John explains!


67:49-75:21 Olivia’s Hats + 3D Ribeyes!

Olivia returns to talk about a new meat, 3d printed ribeyes! What the…. 


Plus Olivia is selling hats! She talks about entrepreneurship. Buy a hat at


Open line Wednesday with Jerry Nabours

Open line Wednesday with Jerry Nabours

February 24, 2021

Show #1058: Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Open line Wednesday with Jerry Nabours


Former Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours returns to guest co-host with Jeff and take calls from throughout Arizona on open line Wednesday covering topics including:

  • Mitt Romney’s proposed $10 minimum wage 
  • Schools refuse to go back and the impacts on the kids 
  • A nation that is exhausted and ready to move on!
  • Listeners chime in including concerns over America’s future.
  • Biden ordering manufacturing of certain goods in US. but regulations and costs deter manufacturing in the US. 


Plus Olivia and her new entrepreneurial endeavor.  Check it out at for details!

McDaniel on Crazy CA, Yellen Yelling & Sidlinger on Regulations & Education

McDaniel on Crazy CA, Yellen Yelling & Sidlinger on Regulations & Education

February 23, 2021

Show #10578: Tuesday, February 23, 2021

McDaniel on Crazy CA, Yellen Yelling & Sidlinger on Regulations & Education


Stuart McDaniel: Crazy CA, Coke, Min. Wage & More!

What life is like in LA including updates on the Governor Newsom recall efforts and what’s the Arizona impact of all the craziness in California?

Coke said what? Corporate idiocracy reigning supreme! Teaching staff how to be “less white” and more crazy leftist crap!

Minimum wage at $15 per hour. Stuart answers a listener question about federal supremacy over states on wage issues. 

Why pay a kid to make a mistake? Buy a robot! First time jobs are gone?


Carbon tax questions. 

Jeff answers a listener question about the impact of carbon taxes on the average person. Is it a tax on “poor people”?

Janet Yellen Yelling Warnings on Bitcoin! 

Danger will Robinson. Treasury Sec. Janet Yellen is yelling, targeting Bitcoin! Yeah, Bitcoins the problem, not out of control central bankers!



Bruce Sidlinger on Regulations & Education Bureaucracy

Are apprenticeships dead? Are government regulations killing the entrepreneurial spirit? Bruce Sidlinger shares the sad state of capitalism with increased costs and regulation forcing robotics, automation and lost opportunities for many. But where are the opportunities going forward? Bruce shares some of his personal stories of dumb government regulations. 

Bruce Sidlinger on Education Gone Awry! 
Bruce Sidlinger spent time volunteering to teach kids and discusses his frustrations due to the education bureaucracy. 

Glue and glitter!
Our education system is mired in inefficiencies. How many successful entrepreneurs couldn’t teach a class on business? How many are teaching that have never done it in the real world? Bruce goes into his experiences including his need to learn about “glitter and glue”!

Joe Pitts, Jon Riches, Taxes, Energy & $15/hr Min. Wage

Joe Pitts, Jon Riches, Taxes, Energy & $15/hr Min. Wage

February 22, 2021

Show #1057: Monday, February, 22, 2021


Joe Pitts, Jon Riches, Taxes, Energy & $15/hr Min. Wage 



Joe Pitts Explains Biden’s Climate Agenda

Joe Pitts discusses his recent article breaking down President Biden’s energy plan.

  • Carbon neutrality by 2035? What’s that mean? No cars? Nuclear? Windmills? Unicorns? Jeff and Joe discuss.
  • A federal push for “Sustainable homes”. How much is that going to cost and how will that help/not help affordability? 
  • Regulatory expansion in Biden’s plan. That sounds expensive!
  • A young persons perspective. Is climate change the biggest thing for young people? 
  • Carbon tax scheme gains steam. Joe explains. 



591 Page Stimulus Includes National $15 Min. Wage

Jeff has downloaded the proposed $1.9 Trillion Stimulus Package. It’s 591 pages and includes a national $15/hr minimum wage. Job killer? Robots taking over? Jeff explains!


Plus, where will AZ minimum wage be? What about Flagstaff, a City that already has one of the highest minimum wages in the nation?

Link to stimulus bill:



Taxes, Ukraine Apple Juice, Covid Lawsuits 

AZ Wealth Tax explained. (More with Jon Riches later)


Where’s Jeff’s apple juice coming from? Pretty far away!


Seattle to pay $10k to settle lawsuit that cleared out homeless encampment on public land. Coming to AZ? How about that city sidewalk in front of a commercial building?


Spouse sues company for bringing Covid home. A first of many? CA of course!


Plus, stimulus increases unemployment benefits. 




Goldwater’s Jon Riches on Wealth Tax

The Goldwater Institute continues their lawsuit against Prop 208, Arizona’s newly passed “wealth tax”. How will this impact Arizona’s economy? What about small business owners? With Arizona now in the bottom ten of tax friendly states, the importance of overturning this ill conceived law is important to Arizona’s future economy. 



Is U.B.I. Coming to Flagstaff?

Mayor Paul Deasy of Flagstaff tweets support for Universal Basic Income. Jeff says this is coming! It starts with support by mayors and snowballs from there. 


More on Democrats $15 national minimum wage being proposed in 591 page stimulus bill. 


Time to home school? How about those San Francisco school board members caught on the hot mic! “They really don’t like you!” Public service is so much easier without people! The peasants should just shut up and let the elites in “cubicle think tanks” rule over them! Jeff shares a local school board that lectured some parents!

Bar Owners Take a Hit + Owen talks Rush!

Bar Owners Take a Hit + Owen talks Rush!

February 19, 2021

Show #1055: Friday, February 19, 2021



Impacts of Mandates on Bars and Bowling Alleys

Bar owners continue to operate at very limited capacity. But rent needs to be paid, the government still has their hand out for full property taxes and other expenses mount! Ron Getto, owner of Starlite Lanes and Dave Delos, President of the Arizona Licensed Beverage Association (ALBA),, share their experience over the past year. What’s the plan to end mandates that have restricted their operations? Why is the government officials not offering to compensate for mandates they’ve imposed? With no end in sight, what’s the future of these struggling businesses?


Paying 100% of Property Taxes while ordered to operate at 50%

Property valuations are going up! Governments demand full property taxes! Yet bars and bowling alleys are ordered to operate at 50% capacity! What a disconnect! Remember, we’re all in this together, unless you’re a small business owner, then your SOL and on your own!


Why pay $100,000 for a liquor license? (HB 2773)

The issue of the value of liquor licenses also came up. There’s a house bill that will open up liquor delivery for other businesses at a very low cost. But what about the bars and liquor stores that paid $100,000 for their license? Is there a plan to compensate those that paid a higher price? Once again the hand of government blind to their unintended consequences! 



Masks and Plexiglass! Dumb and Dumber!

Jeff looks back on a busy week with issues like mask mandates, plexiglass hallways and more!



Herd Immunity and Banned Words!

Herd immunity by April? Jeff told you this is what would happen a year ago! Way to go experts! Was it all worth it?


Listeners comment on schools and teachers unions, bikes hogging the roads and Mark’s Idaho Stop proposal. PSA, don’t ride your bike in a snowstorm!


Jeff discusses big tech censorship with clips from Bruce Sidlinger and Congressman Paul Gosar…and Kahn from Star Trek? Key words… “killed” “phasered” and “died”



Owen’s Tribute to Rush Limbaugh

Board of Regents picks a new NAU President. Will this one interact with Flagstaff better? Rita Cheng exiting about a year after travel-gate controversy. 


Texas was seconds or minutes away from power grid failure. Plus store shelves bare. Didn’t we learn anything in the past year about being prepared? Jeff discusses. 


Rush Limbaugh legacy lives on! Owen pays tribute to Rush Limbaugh. He’s reading Rush’s children’s books and learning history!

Councilwoman Salas, Bruce Sidlinger, Bubblewrap vs. Living Life!

Councilwoman Salas, Bruce Sidlinger, Bubblewrap vs. Living Life!

February 18, 2021

Show #1054: Thursday, February 18, 2021

Councilwoman Salas, Bruce Sidlinger, Bubblewrap and Living Life!


Sex Ed, Red Light Cameras and more!

Jeff starts off with info on a renewed push for reparations, more on gun control plus an update on more Arizona legislative bills including:

  • banning red light cameras
  • optional mask mandate 
  • ban sex education k-3 (Jeff recalls the infinite universe of gender and cyborg as a gender!)
  • bill for inmate feminine hygiene products. 



Life outside the bubblewrap!

Jeff talks about living your life to its fullest. We all have an expiration date, stop being wimpy! Plus more on plexiglass hallways, bad (and good) school boards and the lack of a plan for a plan for the plan! What message are we sending our kids in the era of bubblewrap and hand sanitizer! NEW LEADERS NEEDED ALL AROUND! Walls in D.C. to keep the "subjects" out but no walls at the border? What’s that all about?



Councilwoman Regina Salas 

Jeff talks with Flagstaff City Councilwoman Regina Salas. 

  • City is in moderate recession budget planning. How short are they? Or are tax revenues growing? How big is the city budget?
  • Are people traveling? Councilwoman Salas reveals the BBB tax revenue and what it may mean.
  • Building permits are way up! What’s driving this?
  • Retail sales are also up. What’s driving the increase?
  • Barriers to business? Well yeah! But what’s being done?
  • When can I go in person to address my elected representatives in Flagstaff? 



Bruce Sidlinger, Internet going down under!

The News Media Bargaining Code? WT$?&

Australia has some weird new proposed law that FaceBook disagrees with so FaceBook pulls the plug on news links. What is this bill and is FaceBook the good guy or bad guy on this issue. Businessman, investor and educator Bruce Sidlinger explains the issue.


Plus, the tyrants in California are at it again. This time they want to seize private property! But its for the “greater good”! Watch out Arizona, more Californians about to flee! WELCOME TO AZ, REMEMBER WHY YOU LEFT CA!



Olivia Reads the Headlines

Olivia returns to the show to read some “surprise” headlines to Jeff including:

  • Texas deepfreeze, food and water problems
  • Synthetic meat. Yum!
  • Bankrupt HOA
  • And turn down the gas
Arizona listeners chime in to pay tribute to Rush Limbaugh

Arizona listeners chime in to pay tribute to Rush Limbaugh

February 17, 2021

Mark Haughwout guest co-hosts with Jeff as listeners throughout Arizona pay tribute to Rush Limbaugh. 

Jeff and Mark also discuss self reliance in the era of big government.

Jeff asks, how do school boards that keep their schools shutdown justify the closures when other schools with similar situations remain open. Aren't they talking? Another #Science moment!

Congressman Gosar + Sidlinger & Becher

Congressman Gosar + Sidlinger & Becher

February 16, 2021

State bills flying through the hopper!

The legislature is moving fast. Bills on school choice and vouchers, bills on social media bans, sports betting and more! Jeff breaks down a few bills that you should be aware of. 



Bruce Sidlinger on censorship! 

  • Word banning? People getting blocked, maybe even banned on social media for using the wrong word. What word did Bruce misuse and what’s his punishment? 
  • Banning someone on social media! What if the government uses social media? How will lowly citizens get info if they’re banned?



Jane Becher, Grades, Vouchers & Epic Fails!

  • School grades not counting? Gov. signs bill.  What’s it mean?
  • Finally, a bill everyone can get behind, even teachers unions! Vouchers for all? Legislature pushing private school vouchers!
  • Is it time for some leaders to step aside? Jeff thinks so!



D.C. Update with Congressman Paul Gosar

  • Social media censorship and section 230 exemptions! Watch what you wish for, you may be censored next!
  • Final outcome of Senate trial. What’s to come?
  • Throwing money we don’t have at problems we don’t seem to be fixing. 
  • How do we take back this country?
  • How do walls/fences work in D.C. but not at our border?
  • How is the eviction moratorium Constitutional?
  • Stimulus?
  • Bad gun bills discussed!



Tune in Wednesday at 4:06 for open line Wednesday and chime in with your live comments at 877-971-3971

Show #1050: AG Brnovich, Mark Haughwout

Show #1050: AG Brnovich, Mark Haughwout

February 12, 2021


Jeff looks back on some big issues from this past week with clips.



Mark Haughwout returns to discuss legislation to improve our voter system. 



Former state Rep. Bob Thorpe fills us in on the process to restrict Governor Ducey’s long statewide emergency.

Show #1049: AG Brnovich, Mark Haughwout

Show #1049: AG Brnovich, Mark Haughwout

February 11, 2021


Mark Haughwout returns to discuss Idaho stops, ammo lines and more.



Jeff answers some listener comments.



Attorney General Mark Brnovich returns to discuss three big lawsuits/settlements and more!



Rob Wilson of Timberline Firearms and Training returns to discuss a pollen alert, the replacement process for replacing Liz Archuleta and much more!

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