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Show#1004: McDaniel, Biggs & crazy LA lockdown!

Show#1004: McDaniel, Biggs & crazy LA lockdown!

December 3, 2020

Starting off with Stuart McDaniel from LA where mayor orders that lowly citizens must “remain in their homes”!

(at 42:00 minutes)
Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus Congressman Andy Biggs talks about loss of freedom, crazy lockdowns and more!


SHOW #1003: Covid Curfews, Election Integrity, Affordable Housing

SHOW #1003: Covid Curfews, Election Integrity, Affordable Housing

December 2, 2020

WAS THE ELECTION STOLEN or is it sour grapes?

Video available:

Former Flagstaff Mayor Jerry Nabours, Mark Haughwout and listeners throughout Arizona chime in during OPEN LINE WEDNESDAY! PRESIDENT TRUMP RIPS GOVERNOR DUCEY! The week is young and Ducey is upsetting conservatives over the election certification while pissing off liberals by not locking the state down.

AFFORDABLE HOUSING IN FLAGSTAFF? A listener remembers the 1970's Council that was working on this. Jeff remembers Councils from the 80's and 90's working on this. IS IT TIME TO GIVE UP?

STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS? What if you paid your student loan off? What if you never went to college?

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Show #1002:  Celia Barotz + Travel during time of Covid

Show #1002: Celia Barotz + Travel during time of Covid

December 1, 2020

2 Term Councilmember Celia Barotz
Are local governments in budget trouble? How many outside consultants are really needed? Jeff wonders if Area51 is a warehouse where municipal studies go to die! Celia shares her biggest surprises from Council and more!


Budget Woes and Big Government
Jeff furthers the discussion on the size of government, what’s essential and what’s not and politicians trying to make decisions for the whole with little clue as to what is needed. We just need another 5 year plan!


Olivia reads from the mailbag!
What’s Jeff reading? How do you persuade politicians? Is Jeff running for Senate?


Inflation in housing!
Jeff talks about the cost of housing over the past 20 years and also talks about listeners frustrations over Arizona’s voter certification.

Show#1001: Sidlinger, Farr, Olivia

Show#1001: Sidlinger, Farr, Olivia

November 30, 2020

Bruce Sidlinger 

Impulse buying a hot air ballon because he loves “doing stuff in the air”! Plus three wheelers, lawn darts, basket weaving (not underwater but), ballon ratings vs. flying a plane, “unplanned landings” and more than you’ll ever need to know about hot air ballon! Plus apprenticeships and important skill sets that our country needs.

Bruce also gets into bringing industry back to the US: globalization, isolationism, supply chains and manufacturing capacity and distorting the market and more!

Plus a discussion on "pure classical economics", think Adam far we’ve strayed to a control economy. 

Borrowing money to go to college to be a “ceramicist”  in “mythical free market America” would not be a good credit risk. But in America today, hey here’s your $200,000 to be a professional student!

And there's always the post office and who didn't deliver mail for 40 days

Christine Farr from Toys For Tots

Jeff talks with Christine Farr from Toys for Tots about the need to get unwrapped, new toys to kids this Christmas. Help out! Info here

Olivia shares a story
Olivia shares a story about a bad “bee” experience.

Show#1000: Jeff’s 1000th Show

Show#1000: Jeff’s 1000th Show

November 20, 2020

1000 shows and counting! Looking back on some of the thousands of topics covered over the past four years with thousands of guests, great co-hosts and listener comments from throughout Arizona and beyond. 


This special show features past guests including Congressman Paul Gosar, NFL great Herschel Walker, Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Donald Trump Jr., Peggy Grande, Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rogers, Jeff Flake, Rob Wilson, Eva Putzova (well not really), Rudy Giuliani, Sara Benatar, Art Babbott, Bob Thorpe, Shanna Nelson and Rand Paul. 


Also featuring frequent guest co-hosts Elisha Dorfsmith, Jerry Nabours, John Kistler and past producer Chaz. Jeff’s daughter Olivia makes several appearances! Jeff’s son Owen goes to Graceland. And a huge shoutout to Jeff’s daughter Isabel for her behind the scenes production work!


Plus callers from Arizona and beyond chime in. 


Join Jeff at 4:06PM for show #1001 when he returns from Thanksgiving break on Monday, November 30th on 97.1FM and

Show #999: Elisha Dorfsmith on Loss of Freedoms, Lockdowns, & What’s to Come!

Show #999: Elisha Dorfsmith on Loss of Freedoms, Lockdowns, & What’s to Come!

November 18, 2020

0:00-17:30 Hey Newsom, come take my turkey leg!

Elisha could not imagine a world like we have in 2020 when he got heavily involved in politics in 2007.

Do we have a free market? Politicians and their lockdowns, the hypocrisy of our public servants, and the complacency of the population. Jeff dares them to come take his turkey leg! Which states will remain free?


17:30-29:00 New pastures & shoveling snow

Why is Elisha moving on from Northern Arizona? The death of common ground and ultra polarization!


29:00-43:00 Political burnout, pools, and beer!

Pools, beer, and life after politics. Was Elisha paid for by the Koch Brothers? Do people want freedom and liberty? The collective falling into the trap of government assistance! Jeff is pessimistic for the masses but optimistic for the individual go getter that goes against the stream. The government needs to end long term social safety nets while helping people short term. The bubble economy, real estate, stocks, bitcoin, and more. The eminent economic crash that’s been coming for decades?


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Show #998: Public Servants?

Show #998: Public Servants?

November 18, 2020

0:00-16:00 Politicians making rules but not following them!

Jeff’s rant on our so called “public servants”, professional lifelong politicians and the bureaucracy that never leaves, including those CA public servants that lock down their state as they jet set off to Hawaii for a good ol’ time while you stay in your “region”. 


16:00-32:00 Public servants?

How many would jump on one foot and do exactly as the “public servants” say if they tell you it’s for your own good. 


A caller asks about the “great reset”. Jeff shares info from the world economic forum and their three priorities for the reset including collectivization, wealth taxes and more. 


Obama’s third term, the death of individuality, and the cult of group think. 


Great historic advances rely upon the individual, not the group. 


32:00-43:00 What was said about Trump supporters?

Public servants outsourcing the dirty things! More on the “great reset”. What did AZ Sec. of State say about Trump supporters?


43:00-59:00 NMA CEO Rich Nolan

National Mining Associating CEO Rich Nolan talks about coal and other mining in AZ, supply chain challenges, and globalization. Plus Rich talks about China’s international mining play and what it means to the US.


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Show # 997: Becher & Biden’s Plan

Show # 997: Becher & Biden’s Plan

November 16, 2020

The Navajo Nation re-locks down.


Jane Becher returns to the program to talk about her continued push for kids to go back to in person education


Jeff talks about his Digital Detox!


Jeff breaks down Joe Biden’s economic plan.


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Show #996: Congressman Gosar

Show #996: Congressman Gosar

November 13, 2020

Jeff discusses the week’s news including some final outcomes in the election in Arizona such as the Biden/Trump race. 


Congressman Paul Gosar discusses the election including:

  • What happened with Dominion software in several states 
  • Legal challenges in AZ
  • A forensic audit?
  • Trust in our electoral system 


Jeff discusses the potential for national lockdowns and the prospect of a new digital currency.


The Jeff Oravits Show airs Monday-Friday from 4-6PM on 97.1FM The Big Talker and can be streamed at

Show#995: Senator Elect Wendy Rogers

Show#995: Senator Elect Wendy Rogers

November 12, 2020

Get to know your new LD6 Senator with Jeff’s exclusive and extensive interview with Senator Elect Wendy Rogers covering topics including:

  • Her blowout election over her Democrat challenger. 
  • Record money spent in the LD6 race! Is this the new norm?
  • How her race saved the AZ GOP Majority
  • Has rural Az been forgotten? How to stand out and up to the Maricopa masses and politicians 
  • Her passion for the 2nd Amendment 
  • Our education system is broken! How to fix it. Plus a discussion on vocational training 
  • Is socialism taking over America. 
  • Biden vs Trump. It’s not over yet! 

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