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3 days ago

#1467: “SOS”...ending expanded school choice in Arizona? Andrea MacIntosh, an ESA mom gives an update.  #1467: Friday, September 23, 2022 Petitions are supposed to be turned in by September 24th that could delay and potentially even end expanded school choice in Arizona.    Andrea MacIntosh shares her Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) story, info on signing up for the program that has now attracted over 10,000 families, who qualifies and more important education info!   Sing up for the ESA Program here...     Olivia and Owen share details of a class trip to Yellowstone! The advantages of school choice! Jeff’s daughter Olivia and son Owen share details of their class trip to Yellowstone.      SUBSCRIBE to the Jeff Oravits Show Podcast by looking up “Jeff Oravits Show” on your favorite podcast provider!  

4 days ago

Elitist leftist hypocrisy, gutless Republicans, home buying advice with Bob Thorpe, prepping for hard times and more!#1466: Thursday, September 22, 2022    0:00-74:09 Former Arizona Representative Bob Thorpe spends the show with Jeff talking about the Martha’s Vineyard leftist limousine liberal hypocrisy, the too often gutless Republicans that Jeff’s going one more chance, prepping for hard times, some judges stand up, WWIII over Ukraine?, Christmas comes early and more.   Bob Thorpe served in the Arizona Legislature for 4 terms and is a Home Inspector in the Flagstaff area with Landmark Home Inspections 602-413-0301.    SUBSCRIBE to the Jeff Oravits Show Podcast by looking up “Jeff Oravits Show” on your favorite podcast provider!

5 days ago

#1465: Wednesday, September 21, 2022   #1465: Flagstaff Mayor Paul Deasy. Congressional Candidate Eli Crane. + NTSB wants to screw up your car and why we need exclusions in minimum wage for apprenticeships.   0-22:53 Flagstaff Mayor Paul Deasy 22:54-31:46 No exclusions in Flagstaffs minimum wage for young workers or apprenticeships.  31:47-43:08 Did the NTSB just vote to control your speed and have you do a breathalyzer test.  43:09-64:07 Congressional candidate Eli Crane  64:08-73:53 Jeff and Olivia reply to email comments -   SUBSCRIBE to the Jeff Oravits Show Podcast by looking up “Jeff Oravits Show” on your favorite podcast provider!

6 days ago

#1464: Preparing for a long “societal winter” with author James Wesley Rawles and tips from Brielle Kennington on why public schools are not the best fit for everyone. #1464: Tuesday, September 20, 2022   Author James Wesley Rowels of 0:00-43:18 shares tips on being prepared including… Preparing your family for hard times, job losses and supply shortages. The value of firewood in a world reliant on long supply chains. Jim discusses how our economy has changed especially since the 1970’s. Is it possible the US could go into hyperinflation?  Jim shares info on his Patriots series of novels. What is the American Redoubt? As a relocation consultant, where does Jim recommend people relocate? Is there a separatist movement brewing?   Brielle Kennington is the administrator of Flagstaff Education Advocates 43:19-74:03 and shares her families education story, why she supports school choice, how the ESA plan helped her kids education, why the Save Our Schools movement is wrong in trying to end school choice and info on the Arizona Superintendents race and local school board races.Candidate info shared during the interview: Gretchen Slover for FUSD School Board: Michelle “Mindy” Thomas for FUSD School Board: Flagstaff Education Advocates:     SUBSCRIBE to the Jeff Oravits Show Podcast by looking up “Jeff Oravits Show” on your favorite podcast provider!

7 days ago

#1463: Monday, September 19, 2022   #1463: Flagstaff’s $16.80 minimum wage with Chris Rhode from City of FLG. Royal families exempted from inheritance taxes, while the little “subjects” must pay 40%! + Pandemic over, says Biden!   Mark Haughwout spends the first hour 0:00-43:19 (and runs the board!) discussing with Jeff... The Royal hoopla. Jeff wants a special feather hat so he can be exempt from inheritance taxes too The impacts of Flagstaffs highest in the state minimum wage  Biden conveniently, and weeks before the election, declares the pandemic is over.  Plus news polls show tight AZ governor and senate race.   Flagstaff minimum wage going to $16.80 by January 1, 2023! 43:20-62:10 CHRIS RHODE, Management Analyst with City of Flagstaff Office of Labor Standards discusses Flagstaff’s upcoming increase in the minimum wage, enforcement, out of town workers, exclusions??? and more.   Olivia stops in to briefly discuss 62:11-74:06 her trip to Yellowstone including dumb tourists taking photos by Buffalo, and more.

Friday Sep 09, 2022

#1462: Lori Matthews, Flagstaff adding $50k+ to housingcosts due to electrification and carbon neutrality plan. Olivia discusses info on a ban on meat advertisements!Friday, September 9, 2022    Lori Matthews is running for the Flagstaff City Council and hopes to bring awareness to what’s  happening at the city and 0:00-43:20 at least offer some opposition to some of the more extreme positions the Council has been taking on issues like their carbon neutrality plan, housing, budgets and more. Lori also talks about the upcoming election, the lack of candidates and the two open write in positions.    Jeff and Olivia share a new poll on the AZ Governors and US Senate race 43:21-59:24 and Olivia shares dumb news from Europe…it’s finally happening…a ban on meat advertisements! + listen in for more misc. news updates.    A recap of some of Joe Galli’s comments on housing in Arizona 59:25-74:23

Thursday Sep 08, 2022

#1461: Joe Galli talks housing. Monique Whitney discusses prescription drug prices. Trudy Wieber and Andrea Gurette share info on Lincoln Day BBQ.Thursday, September 8, 2022   Joe Galli of the Greater Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce offers some solutions to high housing costs (0:00-43:20) including eliminating regulations that have created hurdles for both residents and businesses. Joe discusses the minimum wage in Flagstaff which is set to increase substantially in January. Plus, despite a huge budget, the city wants more dollars through two new bond initiatives this November.    We are extremely dependent on medications from overseas (43:21-63:47) and it’s time to bring that manufacturing home. Monique Whitney, Executive Director of Pharmacists United for Truth & Transparency (PUTT) also shares what the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act will be on prescription drugs. Catch Moniques podcast at   Meet candidates at the upcoming Flagstaff Republican Women Lincoln Day BBQ (63:48-74:09) on September 24th from 12-3PM. FRW Treasurer Trudy Wieber and Membership Chair Andrea Gurette. Tickets available by calling 928-526-6232.

Wednesday Sep 07, 2022

#1460: Senate candidate Blake Masters + “Plant based” RICE…huh! + Zach Ellman and pre-school for adults.#1460: Wednesday, September 7, 2022   Zach Ellman on the “labor rapture” 0:00-43:20 and the challenges small business owners are still facing. Plus advice on kids and smart phones. Details on a police involved shooting in Flagstaff. And why not pre-school for adults?  Zach Ellman is President and CEO of Just Wireless.   Blake Masters chimes in on Biden/Kelly’s student loan forgiveness 43:21-61:36 and why this unfair action has frustrated millions of Americans. Masters chimes in on Biden’s “dark” Constittuion Hall speech, the DC swamp not understanding the America First Movement and more on our open borders and the fentanyl crisis. Plus, will there be a Kelly/Masters debate?         “Not everybody should get a 4 years degree, in fact most people probably shouldn’t.” Masters   Olivia’s happy because it’s finally happening! “PLANT BASED” RICE 61:37-74:07 … my gosh how dumb has it all gotten? Plus a listener chimes in on supply shortages and delays in the window industry. 

Tuesday Sep 06, 2022

#1459: Representative Steve Kaiser talks housing affordability. Giving up control of your thermostat for 25buck$ is a bad idea! Is the end of off roading around the corner?#1459: Tuesday, September 6, 2022   Inflation hits the county fair 0:00-20:59 with $18 lemonades and $16 mediocre sandwiches. Jeff shares info on the worlds insane energy policy, potential blackouts in CA, France, Russia cutting off the gas…all roads lease to more inflation, price controls and shortages…unless we quickly change course!   Prediction…big OHV/off-road restrictions and regulations coming 21:00-32:21 as deaths mount, destruction of roads and other avoidable instances occur that will sadly restrict those that tread light and respect the forest and forest roads/trails.    Don’t give control of your thermostat to the electric company 32:22-43:18. Colorado residents give up their thermostat control for 25buck$…that was cheap…then are surprised when their thermostats were locked out and displaying “energy emergency”.    Representative Steve Kaiser talks housing affordability 43:19-68:37 and is a member of the Statewide Housing Supply Study Committee gathering up info on how to make housing more affordable in Arizona. Is it over regulation? Vacation rentals? Land scarcity?    Olivia shares a listener comment on horses in the National Forest 68:38-74:08

Thursday Sep 01, 2022

#1456: Senator Wendy Rogers on election integrity, federal overreach and more. + EV overload in CA, buying cannons and Hawaii “under water”!#1456: Thursday, September 1, 2022   Senator Wendy Rogers spends the first hour with Jeff talking about 0:00-45:50 the Governors race, LD7, have we made strides on election integrity since 2020, the odds of Republicans expanding their majority in Arizona, is DC hopeless???, how the state can defend itself from federal overreach, education  in AZ and the decline to sign movement, reactions to Ducey’s shipping container border wall and more!   ESA signup takes off 45:51-61:53. Plus another California fail...don’t plug in your EVs, days after the elites ban gas engines.  Fed says they’ll be “pain”...not for them mind you, but for the little guy.    Will Biden’s 2nd Amendment gaff lead to inflation in cannons?  61:54-76:23 Babies vs. basket weaving degrees and more. 

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