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22 hours ago

#1409: LD7 candidate David Marshall talks abortion and budgets + Bruce Sidlinger talks gold and no fly zones.   Jeff’s news picks including Matt Salmon dropping out of the governors race 0:00-16:33    David Marshall is running for LD7 16:34-36:52 and talks about how he would vote on the budget, his thoughts on abortion, education and more.   Bruce Sidlinger talks gold coins and Disney no fly zones 36:53-74:11.

2 days ago

#1408: Cathi Herrod of CAP on SCOTUS abortion and right to pray decision. Matt Beienburg of Goldwater details ESA education expansion.#1408: Monday, June 27, 2022   SCOTUS decisions on abortion and praying and protests at the Capitol 0:00-19:46 where a group tried to kick the Senate doors in while the Senators were evacuated to the basement. Plus ESA (backpack funding) for education passes is Arizona.    Jeff talks with Cathi Herrod, President of the Center for Arizona Policy about where Arizona stands as far as abortion goes after Fridays SCOTUS decision 19:47-43:29. Cathi also fills us in on the “right to pray” decision by SCOTUS and bills that passed the legislature from women sports to ESA’s.   Matt Beienburg of the Gold Water Institute gives details on the AZ ESA expansion 43:30-67:20 including private schools, homeschooling and more.    Jeff reads some Listner comments 67:21-74:23

5 days ago

#1407: SCOTUS decisions on guns and abortion + Senate gun control bill + AZ out of control budget #1407: Friday, June 24, 2022 Jeff’s weekly roundup includes  SCOTUS abortion decision and how it may impact Arizona  SCOTUS gun decision when it comes to carry concealed.  AZ Rental tax ban fails due to RINO Senator Boyer. Strapped AZ renters get to continue to shell out $200 million per year.  More on Arizona’s massive, record breaking $18 billion budget.  Freedom Works Senate debate straw poll puts Blake Masters on top.  Jeff answers a question about concealed weapons and the SCOTUS decision.

6 days ago

#1406: Just 11 Republicans vote against Arizona’s massively bloated, record breaking $18 BILLION budget. Jeff breaks it all down!   Special interest groups and government agencies are surely salivating over Arizona’s bloated budget. Nearly the entire show is dedicated to the 5AM passage of the $18 billion spending bill.    Ducey calls it “fiscally conservative”. Jeff calls it what it is, a bloated giveaway of your tax dollars that has more Democrats voting in favor than Republicans. But sadly, most Republicans voted in favor of this record breaking $18 billion special interest boondoggle.    Only 3 Republicans voted against it in the Senate.    Wendy Rogers Warren Petersen Michelle Ugenti-Rita    Only 8 Republicans voted against it in the House    Burges  Carter  Chaplik  Fillmore  Grantham  Hoffman  Parker  Pingerelli    Jeff gives a history lesson on past AZ budgets and how Ducey has doubled the state budget in his 8 years in office.    Also discussed during the show is tonight’s US Senate debate and the SCOTUS ruling that upholds the 2nd Amendment when it comes to concealed firearms. 

7 days ago

#1405: Wednesday, June 22, 2022   #1405: Abe Hamadeh on importance of AG + Arizona budget ballooning to $17.9 billion according to Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita.    Gas tax holiday 0:00-14:15 equals bigger federal deficits.    Abe Hamadeh on why states powers and states rights matter 14:16-37:07 and how an attorney general can stand up against federal overreach.    Learn about your candidates with one of the most extensive resources 37:08-43:30 click on Election 2022   Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita discusses Arizona’s bloated $15.6 billion budget 43:31-61:28 and points out that it is actually over $17.9 billion dollars. Where’s the money going? Where are the fiscally conservative Republicans?   Jeff from Sedona points out how much gas taxes cost the average fill up 61:29-74:22. Jeff proposes a program to encourage firewood production. 

Tuesday Jun 21, 2022

#1404: Energy expert Larry Behrens on how to lower gas prices. Merissa Hamilton of Freedom works discusses AZ budget and upcoming Senate Forum.#1404: Tuesday, June 21, 2022    Suspend the gas tax? Where’s the $20 billion coming from? 0:00-16:39 Plus AG Brnovich sues over school board meetings that blocked parents and Speaker of the AZ House Rusty Bowers testifies before January 6 Committee.    Energy expert  Larry Behrens  on how America can get gas prices down 16:40-37:00, his take on the gas tax holiday proposal, Germany as an example of what not to do and what the coming months and years may bring when it comes to energy policy in America. + “Passing a law to turn up the wind!”   Listner comments including why doesn’t Jeff support a tax cut 37:01-43:25, +Top Gun Maverick and record rains…last year.   Merissa Hamilton from Freedom Works 43:26-62:24 shares info on this Thursdays 7PM US Senate forum right here in Arizona. Info and streaming here. Merissa also gives an update on some ridiculous “woke” items proposed in the AZ budget.    If you were to ask a Candiate for governor or senate a question, what would it be? 62:25-74:13 Email Jeff a question at

Tuesday Jun 21, 2022

Speaker Bowers January 6th testimony with Bob Thorpe + Christine Farr Marine Charities + coal is cool again and a 97% tax increase.#1403: Monday, June 20, 2022   Coal is cool when your green energy fails 0:00-15:01, Europe reactivating the coal plants plus trans swim ban, gas tax holiday and gun buyback hypocrisy.    Bob Thorpe discusses Arizona Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers going to DC to testify before the January 6th Committee 15:02-35:46 his recent op-ed calls Bower out and questions his leadership in the house.    Olivia joins Jeff 35:47-43:20, are monsoons coming?  Who’s Jeff voting for and more taxes coming.   Christine Farr of Marine League Charities 43:21-62:21 discusses this Saturday’s charity poker run (starts at 8am at Harley in Belmont). Jeff talks 97% property tax increase.    Jeff answers some email comments 62:22-74:05

Thursday Jun 16, 2022

#1401: Leest and Heilner, Feds lost control + Rep. Jeff Weninger talks Treasurers race, ESA’s and ESG’s + Forest closures, copper deaths and murder in Flagstaff   The Feds list control of inflation! Glenn Leest and John Heilner give a market update 0:00-27:49 discussing new higher mortgage rates, recession chances, Biden’s dumb letter to oil executives and a Federal Reserve that’s lost control of inflation. Plus expenses for Americans way up. How to deal with this as an investor? How to deal with this as someone strapped for cash? John addresses crime increasing and its impacts on the upcoming election.   Jeff’s news picks include murder in Flagstaff 27:50-43:20 more forest closures, Timberline Firearms OPEN after recent fires (STOP on BY!) plus more on Phx copper theft.   Representative Jeff Weninger talks backpack funding for our kids 43:21-62:56 the state budget, ESA’s, ESG’s and more.   Jeff wraps up the day with a great even this Saturday where you can hear local and statewide candidates 62:57-74:12 (INFO HERE) plus fire restrictions and more.

Wednesday Jun 15, 2022

#1400: Coconino County Chief Deputy Sheriff Bret Axlund + Flagstaff Mayor Paul Deasy + Impacts of todays interest rate increases.   Jeff gives an update on paper shortages 0:00-17:47 Musk going GOP, a “red tide” swelling this November, a law to ban youth drag shows at schools and more!   Mayor Paul Deasy of Flagstaff on new stricter fire restrictions 17:48-36:22 an emergency declaration, possible flooding, new sirens in East Flagstaff and cracking down on camping in the city and living in the forests.    Most evacuations lifted in Pipeline Fire Area 36:23-43:19 plus Jeff answers a listener comment on the AZ Senate race.    Coconino County Chief Deputy Sheriff Bret Axlund 43:20-59:20 gives an update on fire evacuations, an update on the arrest made by a person lighting toilet paper, how the sheriffs office deals with patrolling the forests and other areas, the decision process for evacuating during natural disasters and lessons learned from recent fires.   Jeff gives numbers on what inflation is costing the average American 59:21-74:01 and discusses Biden’s price increases and the impacts of todays Fed rate increase.

Tuesday Jun 14, 2022

#1399: Bruce Sidlinger on inflation and rule of law. Former state rep. Bob Thorpe on fighting fires and red flag laws.   Jeff and Olivia give an update on the NAZ fires 0:00-15:04, Jeff talks wholesale inflation at record highs and how inflnation will impact the average American. Bruce Sidlinger chimes in on fires, inflation, rule of law and more. Former state representative Bob Thorpe shares his perspective on red flag laws 43:24-74:00 and forest fires.

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